Robosub 2017

Robosub 2017 was very successful for Illinois AUV, as we placed 22nd among 44 ranked teams. This was our first year at the competition. We were competing against the teams who have been coming to the competition for the past 10 years. Illinois AUV had the most powerful submarine relative to its size. We were able to qualify for semi-finals, which is a great achievement for a first year team. TRANSDEC navy pool is only open to public for the RoboSub competition during the summer. Therefore, collecting data specifically in the Transdec pool provides a major competitive advantage. The competition allowed us to gather a large amount of data, which we will use to train neural networks and improve the submarine’s autonomous motion. We were able to make great connections with other teams and lay a foundation to build upon in the next competition.

Progress for Robosub 2018

  • For our second year participating in Robosub, we are working on two submarines. Our aim is for these submarines to communicate and demonstrate inter-submarine communication, which is an unprecedented achievement at the Robosub competition. The design process for these submarines has been completed and we are excited to be heading into the manufacturing/fabrication phase.
  • To test our software base in a robust manner, we have developed a physics based simulator. We are also using ZED cameras for 3D mapping and fusing this mapping with inter-submarine communication to build accurate maps of the pool.