Single Main Hull

Building on our experiences from last year, we decided to forego the design of an air tight o-ring based central tubing. This is mainly due to the risk of detaching wires, and breaking circuitry, while opening the central tubing. We have now moved on to a more robust latch-on, latch-off system. All our electronics are encased inside one single hull, and the ease of removability of the roof of the sub makes sure no electronics get damaged in the opening process.

Support from the Autonomy Intiative

We would like thank our main sponsor, the Illinois Autonomy Intiative, for their support in building this year's submarine. The Autonomy Intiative operates under the Coordinated Science Laboratory, and is a campus wide initiative to enable high-impact research and develop new educational programs in autonomous systems for students and professionals.


Using the open source UUV Simulator, we have developed an efficient testing environment in Gazebo. This allows us to debug and test our code in simulation before real world testing.